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Essay on how man is destroying the Environment

If we continue to exploit the earth in the way we have been doing, the planet will soon be destroyed

Nowadays a lot of people talk about the problems, which we cause to our planet by exploiting it in the way we are doing. A large number of books discuss the damage we do every day to our environment.
I totally agree with the statement that by our everyday activities we will make the earth sink into oblivion. There are facts to support my opinion.

First of all, I should say that scientists have informed us about holes in the ozone layer, which are caused by the excessive production of carbon dioxide. These holes can lead to great changes in our lives. They can result in the warming of the climate. This is the so called greenhouse effect, which can cause the melting of the polar icecaps. If this happens, a lot of areas will be flooded. Some people will be killed in this disaster and others will loose their homes.

Secondly, I will mention the destruction of forest. Every day people cut thousands of trees because they need them to make different kinds of furniture and to keep them warm in winter. But most of this people don't realise that, by doing this, they destroy their own lives. Trees are important to us because they purify the air. So, by cutting them we destroy our planet.

Last but not least, many factories in the developed industrial cities pollute not only the air but also the water by dumping their waste. The heavy traffic is also harmful to the environment.

The animal world also world suffers from our everyday activities, too. By the destruction of forests and the pollution of the air and water, we kill many animals, birds and insects. Because of our greed to earn more and more money, we deprive a lot of animals of their lives. Most of us don't even care what will happen if we bring a particular species to extinction.

To conclude with, I will only say that we should listen to the warnings of scientists about the destruction of our environment. I am sure that, if we continue to exploit our planet in the way we are doing it now, it will soon be destroyed. But if we tackle this problems seriously, there is still time to save our planet.


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