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Sample Essay - The Generation Gap - Does it Exist

Although it may sound strange, only a few children ever manage to create a strong relationship with their parents not as a family but as between friends. And no matter, how often we share our thoughts, feelings and problems with them, at least once we say, "You just don't understand. You don't have the same problems as we have now. " If we think about this a bit more, then we will realise the reason is the generation gap.
Each century can be separated into four generations. This means that, after each twenty - five years, a new generation is formed. Twenty - five years are a lot of time and the world we live in changes a lot. For example, in 1950 scientists had just invented the jet engine. In 1975 planes were flying more than five times faster than the sound and astronauts had visited the Moon. That is why we can say each generation lives in a different world from the one the previous lived in.

But it is not only technology that makes the world look different. Philosophy is another important factor. Each generation has its own philosophy, which defines the deeds, the mood, the fashion, the way of life of young people. If the generation gap did not exist, why would hippies be changes with punks and they later on  be changed with rockers and skin-heads?

If this seems rather simple and insufficient let us consider literature. We cannot compare writers of love stories or science fiction with poets from beginning of the twentieth century. The ideas, the problems they have in mind while writing are rather different and have almost nothing in common. And so are their writings. The same stands for other types of art, as well.

Up to here, one of the main statements was that changes in the world caused the generation gap. But we can say, as well, that the generation gap is the reason for the world to change. In fact, it is what makes the Earth go round. So, it is difficult to decide whether the generation gap is something good or bad, but one things is for sure - it exists.

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