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A country’s future is depending on its young people. Therefore, a country should invest heavily in its youth. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

SAMPLE essay answer

Strength, hope, dreams, strong will for a better life - these are only some of the many words, which can give a brief idea of what one can see in young people. They yearn for successful life and they struggle for it. Nowadays, it is difficult to live in our country and the young people face many hardships. Some of the biggest problems are unemployment and the lack of money. Many young man and women study and try to find a job at the same time, but it's not so easy. In most cases, they are underpaid.

Drug abuse and alcohol are other problems of big importance. During the past years the number of drug addicts in our country has been constantly rising and now they are about 40,000. This number is frightening and we have only two possibilities - to stay aside and pretend nothing is happening or get involved into the problem and do something about it.

As I mentioned before, our country doesn't give the young people many opportunities and many of them leave it. But I don't want to be a silent observer and watch the decline of my homeland. Our future, the future of our nation lies in our hands and we know this. Most of the young people believe in themselves and know how to overcome great disappointments and unsuccessful beginnings and not to give up. They have to learn to strive after their independence and development. Their hope and thirst for a better life can show them new ways to success.

We the young people, are those who are the writers of our nation's new history. We can destroy prejudice and societies conservative thinking. I think that we have to try to change the bitter reality and find strength and energy to build the future.

Essay for TOEFL, IELTS - the future of a nation is in its youth

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