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Sample Description

Interesting sport competition

Every year in March a lot of school basketball teams gather together and compete for two days here in.... Each team does its best to win this school competition but only one manages.

This exciting event for this year took place two days ago. Twenty-four basketball teams competed in the "......." sports centre last weekend. The atmosphere in the sports hall was extremely tense and, at the same time, very friendly. The competitors were enemies but only on the playground. After the game, they were together talking about it without any envy or offence.

The most interesting games were the finals between the girl teams from the .....School and the ....School and between the boy teams from the.... School and the.....School.

In the first game it was not very easy for the girls from the .....School to win. The first part ended in a draw but then the team from the .....School got a big lead and won the game. The girls from the .... School were a little disappointed but, after all, the winner was only one.

In the second final the situation was a little bit different. For the boys from the .....School it was very easy to win the game. But there were some fights between their fans. Finally, all the problems were solved when the boys from the ............School convincingly defeated the players from the ....School.

As a conclusion, I can say that this competition was one of the most interesting events I have ever after attended. The girls and boys from the .....School absolutely deserved their prizes while the others just hoped to be in their shoes next year.

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