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Model essay answer - Problems of my generation 

The problem of my generation is that we have all the freedom we want but do not know what to do with it. 

The world is moving too fast and the individuals in it are made to do the same - take fast and right decisions. People my age grow too quickly and occupy themselves with things that are not for them.

My generation is a lucky one. Nowadays, almost everything is allowed no matter if it's good or bad. We  can become everything we want to , we can do whatever we wish we have all the freedom our parents and their parents wanted and probably that's why we don't know what exactly to do. Some of my friends are engaged in sports - jogging, swimming, others entertain themselves with drugs, alcohol and smoking. I have friends whose only occupation is to look as beautiful as possible. And when the mission is accomplished, they go to some crowded place to show themselves. 

Other people who I know work in order to help their families. They, of course, don't pay much attention  to their education and probably one day they will be sorry for that. Fortunately, I have also normal friends who study from time to time, know relatively well what they expect from their future, go to discos and enjoy themselves, and don't abuse the things written above. As you may say, my generation is heterogeneous.

Throughout history there were lots of wars made to free a people from its oppressors. Now we have that freedom and things look easier. But we have also the freedom of choice which is sometimes dangerous - when you choose something for your future you take the whole responsibility for it on your shoulders. And that's a little bit  scary. Often we are made to think that our decisions are ultimate and if we can't achieve our aim we will fail. But that's not true. We are young and we mustn't forget that future is ahead of us and we can make it whatever we want. The problem is to make our minds how we wan't it to look like.

Young people have all the freedom but they should be careful because freedom is not a toy which you can play with. Freedom is responsibility and that responsibility can make life easier or end it. 
The problem of my generation is that we have all the freedom we want but do not know what to do with it. Model essay answer

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