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Advertisement helps to sell products. Describe the qualities of effective advertising.

                                        Example Essay

Some people think the high sales of products reflect the power of advertising instead of the consumers` demand.
To what extent do you agree?

Advertising is a part of success. No matter how good and effective a product is, no one will pay attention to it without seeing its ad.

Advertisement is all around us. When we switch on the TV set, we watch ads; when we wait at the bus station, it would be hard not to see the billboards advertising the newest products; while we are walking or driving along the streets at night, we are always impressed by the glittering boards.

Of course, all of these advertisements have the aim to help selling products. An ad at the right place, at the appropriate hour, with a reasonable time duration and, last but not least, showing the best of the product will surely catch the viewer’s or the passer-by’s attention. The product may not be what it seems to be in the ad, but if its advertising is good, eye- catching and interesting, it will certainly be bought.

In my opinion, good advertisements help to sell more and more products and also help these products to be preferred to others. A person will definitely choose to buy something with a better advertising than something else with boring, unimpressive and repulsive advertising.

The good quality of advertising is not a criterion for a good product. Very often we buy something affected by its unforgettable ad, so what you see is not always what you get. The disappointment is only for the customer who lets him be deceived by the huge billboards, the glossy magazines or just by the television commercials.

So I can say that whatever the quality of the product is, its advertising makes it successful or non-successful. The more glamorous and expensive the ad, the higher the selling is. Everything depends on advertisement and ads are those, which leave imprint on our minds.  

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