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Example answer for FCE Article writing task.

(Advantages and disadvantages)

Travelling has always attracted people. It gives you opportunities for a lot of things - having a rest in a beautiful place, getting to know a new culture and meeting new people. But have you ever thought about the other side of the coin? Travelling has definitely negative aspects too.

First of all, think about all the time you waste while waiting in endless queues in order to get your boarding pass or have your luggage and papers checked. This is surely valuable time you can use for things better!
Then, there is the time you spend packing and unpacking or being away from your family. If you are with friends it can be quite funny, but if you are travelling on business, it can be rather annoying and tiresome.

 Of course, there are a lot of pleasant sides of travelling, too. The opportunity to see the world around you is irreplaceable. Getting to know different people and the adventures related to a journey are also amazing aspects of travelling. But nevertheless, the negative issues already raised have to be balanced with these advantages.

So, all in all, is travel worth it? Its your call but I hope that I have at least made you think!  

Sample FCE, CAE Article - Pros and Cons of Travelling

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