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Model answer or FCE Article writing task

How do you prepare for your exams? Do you have any strategies to be outstanding when you are sitting for an exam or you just do what comes to your mind first? If you are not the type of person who has and organised plan, then I'm going to offer you mine!

Personally, I think a person's preparation for an English exam should comprise two parts, first, which spans a longer period of time. When there are two or three months to your exam, you should use this time to learn everything you haven't learned yet. Another useful is to make an entire revision of your vocabulary and use every single moment to enrich it. You should also make a revision of the English grammar and practise all the parts of it that you are not good at or you may have forgotten.

And what are you supposed to do the week before the exam? Everybody knows that you cannot learn everything in the last minute! So if you have used the last several months before the exam properly, the week before it you should make a general revision of everything again, but quickly. Lay emphasis on your weakest components and when the day before the exam comes, just sit down and relax. Be calm and patient and don't think about the exam. This is a good strategy because, if you spend your last day studying, your head will be a complete mess and you can't be fresh enough on the day of the exam!

To sum up, I would say that whether exam you are sitting for, you should always be calm and self-confident because this is the best strategy to pass your exam with the desired grade!    

How do you prepare for your exams - sample article for FCE or CAE

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