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Sample answer for FCE and CAE exam review

If you want to expand your general knowledge, then these two programmes may be right for you.

The first one is called "....." . Every week three contestants take part in the show, competing for a big sum of money. There are three levels of the quiz. In the first the competitors choose a category to compete in and answer questions related to the topic. Then they have to answer "general knowledge" questions, as well as questions asked by the audience. The person who gets the most points is the winner. Although the game is successful I find it excruciatingly boring and popular mostly with elderly people.

In contrast " Who wants to be a millionaire? " is much more interesting and amusing. Every day a contestant competes with a computer for the big money. There are twelve questions of different difficulty, which the competitor has to answer. Whereas ".............." allows only people from the studio to be part of the game, "Who want to be a millionaire" involves in the show not only the audience in the studio, but people from their homes too. The questions are pretty interesting and though they are not very difficult, they expand your general knowledge. The show is really lively and of interest to people of all ages. However, there is a part of it in which the questions become extremely difficult and this is why no one has won the big prize yet.

If I had to choose one programme, there's no doubt which one I'd prefer. Quite simply, "Who wants to be a millionaire ?" is not only the better show, but also the best on shown on the TV nowadays.


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