Informal letter - yoga class

Hi ...... (name),
When I finished school a month ago, I decided to take up a new sport as I have a lot of spare time I chose yoga. I know it sounds crazy but I find it exciting and also relaxing.
I heard on the radio that a new yoga group for beginners will be formed in the local sports centre. I decided to give it a go as I had listened and read a lot about this kind of exercise. 
At my first yoga class I felt a bit disappointed. All we did was sit in a definite position and get introduced to each other. I was thrilled about experiencing a variety of moves and positions. Luckily, in the second session we started doing those things we have all seen on TV! It turns out that it takes many skills, a lot of energy and patience to do certain exercises. To my surprise, yoga is really tiring. After every yoga class I go home half - dead! But it still eventually makes me feel relaxed and at ease.
Another positive side is that I don't need any special equipment. Only comfortable clothes and a yoga rug is what I need indeed. If you don't have such a rug, you can use the ones in the sports centre.
I will drop you a line soon about my new hobby.
Lots of love,
............ (name)

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