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What can local councils do in order to solve the traffic congestion problem?

People nowadays use more and more their cars to travel around the city. This, on its side, causes traffic congestions and troubles pedestrians, as well. But what can local councils do in order to solve this major problem?

The first possible option is to bring into use more busses. It will also matter if metro trams become more frequent. Thus, people may use less their cars as there would be a more convenient and faster way of travelling. This, without doubt, will reduce traffic congestions. People will move around the city easier and more comfortable using public transport.

Another alternative is building new roads. If streets are widened, there will be more space for cars. In addition, more people will be able to travel without getting stuck in congestions. On the other hand, this can limit the space for pedestrians. For example, if people want to go somewhere on foot, they won't be able to do so. This means that pavements are as important as roads. The lack of pavements (?) can lead to the use of more vehicles and more traffic, of course.

All things considered, I believe that public transport is the most pressing priority. It would, undoubtedly, facilitate people's movement and decrease traffic. All citizens will definitely benefit from this investment.

 !!! The language is rather simple (teacher's note) . 

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