Report - Environmental Conference

Report - Environmental Conference

CAE or FCE exams


The aim of this report is to assess the usefulness of the environmental conference to future students. To prepare it, I attended the conference, which I was paid for by the college.

What the conference did well:

On the whole, the conference was very interesting and some aspects of it were quite good. For instance, there were a lot of very useful handouts containing additional free information about isses discussed in the seminars.

How it could be improved:

However, there are various improvements that could be implemented which would make the conference more effective:

  • The seminars were overbooked so it would probably be better if they are held in bigger rooms. 
  • There were also no interpreters. It would be good if you employ some the next year because they will certainly be of great use to the students. 
  • Also, there was very little time to speak to representatives and that is why there should be fixed time slots for the attendants to talk to them next year. 

The Future:

Overall, it is probably worthwhile sending students in the future, especially if improvements can be implemented, and therefore I would recommend this conference to them.
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