Essay - Playing computer games

Sample essay for new FCE format 2015

More and more young people spend most of their time playing computer games. How can we help children to overcome this addiction?


Write about
  1. bad grades at school
  2. no social life
  3. ...(your own idea)

It is true that computer games are becoming more and more popular these days. Especially children spend a lot of time fighting virtual monsters and conquering worlds . What are the effects of this phenomenon?

In the first place, bad grades at school. The time spent in front of the computer  ”eats up”  the time for preparing the lessons. This inevitably leads to lower achievement at school.

Another negative side is worsening children’s social life. They often prefer making virtual allies to making real friends. Computer games considerably lessen the quality time spent  with peers.

What can be done about this? To begin with, parents should dedicate more time to their children, trying to explain the minuses  of  too much playing on the PC. Also, they should more often take them outdoors, to parks and tennis courts. Besides, they could urge them to join different clubs and activities, where they could meet other children.  

To sum up, it’s  a fact that computer addiction has become a real problem nowadays. There are , however, ways to reduce its  negative effects. The important thing is for its scale to be limited under the careful eye of a parent.  
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