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 Paper 2 Writing, Task 1 . New Essay Format CAE 2015 

Which facilities are needed most in your area?

(Sample essay) 

Which facilities are needed most in your area? 
  • car park
  • sport centre
  • history museum
Write an essay discussing two of the facilities in your notes. You should explain which facility is needed most in your area, giving reasons in support of your answer. 

Undoubtedly, both a sport centre and a car park would be of substantial importance to our area. They would both contribute immensely to respectively the health of the residents and alleviating the situation with parking. But the question is which one is needed more. 

To begin with, a sport centre would make happy the youngsters in our neighbourhood. They are the ones who are mainly attracted to such places. However, it would be of use not only to them. The new facilities could bring about improving the health of children and adults, as well, and keeping them fit and in good shape. Also, elderly people could benefit from a sport centre by joining clubs and activities appropriate for their age. 

On the other hand, a car park is badly needed by people doing their shopping in the area, especially at the market place. It is true they are having a problem finding a lot to park near it. The situation is particularly unpleasant at weekends when all the nearby streets are crammed with parked cars. This causes considerable inconvenience to the local people. 

In conclusion, if we compare the pluses for our community from both facilities, the advantages of a sport centre would outweigh, in my opinion, those of a car park. Although the latter is a necessity to be dealt with in the near future, the former is indeed needed more at the moment. The health of the community should be number one priority of the local authorities.
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