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Review - A castle "Palace of Versailles"

Magnificent palaces and castles have intrigued people ever since the beginning of tourism. But there are very few, which everyone must see during their life, and one of them is Palace of Versailles in France.

The palace was built under the orders of the French King Louis XIII in the early seventeenth century but it was used as a hunting lodge. However, the building became famous for its next habitant – Louis XIV who used it as a residence. From this moment the hunting lodge in the village of Versailles became known as the Palace of Versailles where the King Louis XIV lived with his family and friends. 

Nowadays, the palace is in the suburbs of Paris and is one of the biggest palaces in Europe. There are 700 rooms in it, decorated with more than 7000 paintings and 5000 pieces of furniture. Each room is incredibly beautiful and can leave a person speechless. However, what makes this palace unique are its breathtaking gardens.

This building is one of the must – sees in France. It has also proved to be one of the most profitable sights in the country. The palace has made the village Versailles very popular among tourists and, with its thousands of visitors every season, it has become an inspiration for the locals. 

I strongly suggest that you should visit the Palace of Versailles if you happen to go in France, because it is one of the most impressive buildings in Europe.

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