Essay - What is your idea of success in life? version 2

What is your idea of success in life? Version 2

Sample Essay, category: FCE and CAE exams

How wonderful it is to be young! How wonderful it is to dream of your future! We make plans and we believe they come true. 

My idea of success in life can seem rather dull to those whose goals are to have money and power. I do not dream of a profitable job in an office, of expensive cars, luxurious restaurants or brilliant dresses. I dream of a job in a place where I have freedom to express my ideas and develop them without feeling like a slave under the will of a greedy boss. I need a salary not too high but enough to make a moderate living. 

To travel around the country or the world, to meet new people, to learn interesting things – that is success. In my opinion, we should not be confined all our life to one working place and spend our holidays in front of the TV. We become irritable and nervous. We lose interest in our surroundings and sink into a state of apathy to the others’ problems. 

But what I regard as the most important feature of success is to have friends, to be good and accommodating. You can learn from others things which will help you form a broader view on the world and make you realize your opinion is not the only one. You will open your eyes to the problems of our time and try to fight them. The food deeds make you feel happier and more satisfied than your large bank account and the news of the death of your enemy. 

To conclude, to me a successful life has led the person who after his death is long remembered of his wit, profound knowledge of the world and his contribution to the good of society. That is real success. 
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