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What are the main problems young people face nowadays?

Model essay

Talking about the problems of the young people today would be impossible without referring to the problems of the previous generations. Some teenagers may think that their problems are unique and the most important thing in the world but definitely our parents and grandparents have had some passions and desires when they were at our age. 

The main issue for all generations has been, is and will always be love. There are almost no people, especially among the young, who are not busy looking for their half. Everyone needs a soulmate, a person to share everything with, someone they can call their own. So many love passions have burned through the ages that, undoubtedly, love is sure number one for the young. 

Another problem for the young generation today is the dilemma: staying in the country or looking for happiness elsewhere. I have chosen to stay here maybe because I am too optimistic or maybe because I love my home country. However, many of my friends prefer to study abroad because of the better career opportunities and the presumably higher education level. In fact, this problem is caused by another one: unemployment. The unemployment rate in our country, unfortunately, is very high and only the lucky ones manage to find a proper job for what they have graduated. Also the salaries are relatively, compared to those in the developed world. The prices of goods and services are beginning slowly but steadily to rise which leads to impoverishment of the people. 

The problems the young people face nowadays are very similar to those of all previous generations. But to solve these problems the youth need optimism, courage and a little understanding by the older. 

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