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The only thing people are interested in today is earning more money. 

It’s a general fact that one of the most important things nowadays is money. People are judged not by their qualities as human beings but by how much money they earn. More and more people are becoming interested in earning more money because if one wants to be appreciated and respected in our materialistic world one shouldn’t prove to be honest, but ought to show his or her capability of becoming rich and famous.

Firstly, there is not a single thing today that doesn’t cost money. You need it for everything – food, clothes, home, education, raising children and so on. Once upon a time people didn’t need cash. They exchanged goods for other goods. For example, meat was exchanged for vegetables and fruit, wood for leather clothes, etc. Banknotes were unknown and the question is: Were people happier? The majority thinks they undoubtedly were. The main reason is that years ago poverty was unknown while these days the lack of money is one of the primary problems in our society. Of course, the poor’s pursuit to find a good job and earn money is understandable, because otherwise they’ll probably starve. But it’s a pity when person’s only goal is to earn more and more. 

Secondly, a lot of rich people lose their humaneness in their pursuit of more money. These people have no real friends, no real life and no real happiness. Unfortunately, they don’t realise this until they lose something that really has value for them. They are become fanatics. Of course, when you have money you can afford everything but when you are alone and don’t have anyone to share the happy moments with, money becomes unnecessary.

Thirdly, some women marry not because they are in love with their partner, but because he has money. It’s not unusual to see a twenty – year – old woman with a man who is thirty or forty years older. These women sacrifice the most precious thing in one’s life – love. 

To sum up, it is not people who control money, but money controls people. One shouldn’t let money rule one’s life – a slave cannot be happy.


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  1. Wow I'm so glad I read that... I was looking to see what people are interested in so that hopefully I could invest some money in the stock but what else do people want now in days but money I need to find away to get rich my freind but so is every one so my conclusion get other people rich for you


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