Computers – friends or enemies; advantages and disadvantages of using computers

Computers – friends or enemies. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using computers

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Nowadays people can’t imagine the world without computers. In spite of the fact that they were created only 40 years ago, they have become an essential part of people’s lives. Many questions have been raised about them. One of the most important problems is whether they are friends or enemies to human beings. 

Computers are very useful in fields like science, industry, education, medicine. Some problems require elaborate calculations and without computers it is very difficult to solve them. Men are, of course, able to do the same tasks but more time is needed and probability for mistakes is huge. 

In factories machines are usually connected to computers. As these gadgets never get tired and rarely make mistakes, the production can be increased and the prices respectively get lower. 

A computer can store much information – a whole library can be contained in its little box. Instead of spending days among the dusty shelves of books, a simple combination of buttons can find the information you need. 

In a hospital, without all these little apparatuses, many people wouldn’t have the chance to live. As these machines are constantly being improved, they can do more and more tasks. They connect the entire world in a net, so that people can communicate more easily. 

On the other hand, many people think computers are a potential danger. They can replace man and this takes away from him his role in society. Unemployment rises because of the computerized factories managed by a single person. Man can get addicted to computer and forget about the life around him. Many wives suffer because their husbands prefer watching the flashing screen to spending times with their families. Up-to-date technologies even allow people to find their better halves via internet. They kill feelings and destroy values. 

Computers are made to facilitate our existence. Although sometimes they do cause troubles in most of the cases the fault is with man, not the machine. Computers are friends, not enemies and the more people know them, the better they can understand this fact. At this stage of human progress computers are the best assistants. 

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Advantages and disadvantages of using computers

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