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   Model Answer for CAE Exam Review of a Book

“Wuthering Heights” is a famous novel written by Emily Bronte in the forties of the eighteenth century. It presents a fascinating story of a house with diverse past. The plot introduces to us a house with deep secrets ready to be retailed. This is the point when Mr. Lockwood comes and is curious about everything, which has happened. Of course, the governess of his new home doesn’t have any objections in telling him the long story of the two houses – Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. 

The novel shows to the reader different characters, who have very strong feelings for each other: either love or hatred. Complicated human relationships are in the center of the novel. The importance of the family is also a basic idea of the story. How should we treat our lovers and haters is a question widely discussed in the novel. 

“Wuthering Heights” is a book, which is famous not only because its vividness, but also because of the minute description. The plot is attention – grabbing because of the fast moving actions and the curiosity every situation evokes. What makes “Wuthering Heights” memorable is the talent of the writer to recreate interesting characters and mysterious places, where the whole story is developed. The novel “Wuthering Heights” has had a deep impact on me. It depicts a different world, very distant from mine, manners and characters not easy to find nowadays and also a breath-taking plot, not easy to forget.

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