Informal Letter - Favourite type of music

Informal Letter FCE example - Favourite type of music


Thanks for your letter. I'm happy to tell you what you wanted to know - I'm mad about music! My favourite is country music. I've been a country music fan for two years, since I heard Shania Twain on the radio - she's great! I think her best song is 'You're Still the One'.

Some of my friends think I'm strange - they listen to bands like The Backstreet Boys. They're OK, of course, but I prefer listening to Garth Brooks and Brian Landrie. I spend nearly all my money on country CDs. I've got lots of CD's by Meredith Edwards and Jessica Andrews, too. I like country music because the singers have got great voices and the lyrics are usually good, too. Some people think that country music is all the same, but they are wrong! There are lots of different kinds of songs - romantic, slow, fast - just like any other kind of music.

I listen to country music nearly all the time. I usually listen with headphones on in my bedroom, but sometimes my friends come round to my place and we listen together on the CD player.

Please write to me again soon,
Love, ............

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