Review of a concert

Last spring I went to ........(band) ' concert. This is one of my favourite bands and I couldn't imagine missing it. The fabulous show took place in ..........Thousands of people from all over the country gathered there to see the spectacular event.

The stage itself resembled a car. It was a masterly piece of work. It looked like a real car, but was huge. The stadium was full of people, looking forward to hearing their idol. ......... blasted on the stage to open the concert and the audience went wild.

The men danced and sung. He entertained his fans with classics, new stuff, plenty of fun and all the energy that has taken him to the top.

The most touching moment was when he sang ".......". He was sitting on the edge of the stage and someone gave him the .............flag. He took it and wrapped his shoulders. It symbolizes respect. That made the concert memorable.

I will never forget those amazing two hours and, if I can, I will go to ......'s concert again.

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