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Shopping: traditional and online (comparison)
Essay example 

Some people claim it is more and more often people prefer online shopping to going out for a walk and buying things on the streets. But will this continue and damage the relationships between people or make the streets more deserted?

On the one hand, shopping from personal computer is undoubtedly very convenient, since it saves a lot of time, which can be spent going from a shop to shop until we find what we want. It also has nothing in common with waiting in a long queue until you get to the cash-desk.

Another advantage of online shopping is that most of the things offered there are cheaper than the ones in a shop. So, it seems to me that this type of shopping will be better for the planet and for our stress levels.

On the other hand, traditional shops may go bankrupt, which will lead to many people made redundant. It also seems to me that a lot of people still prefer touching and trying on a piece of clothing, for example, than just clicking on it with the mouse. They also need to be among others and like sharing opinions on different goods, which is always pleasant in shops, at markets and in malls. In addition, without shopping on them, the streets may become deserted and dangerous for people.

For these reasons, I don't approve much of online shopping. While it is true that it saves a lot of time and has its advantages, the traditional way of shopping is much more attractive and preferable. This is why, I believe that shopping on streets will survive.

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