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Is it better to shop in small local shops or big supermarkets?

FCE Cambridge Essay example

Choosing where to go shopping is important and there are a few things you must have in mind but it usually it depends on one's opinion (T.N. - not clear). Here's why?

Supermarkets are always full of high-quality products from all around the world, which are not available in small local shops, but it is really common for local shops to offer goods that can't be found in supermarkets. (T.N. - Only 1 sentence; not clear, contradictory).

Usually, big supermarket chains sell their goods at good prices and often do sales, whereas local shops' products are rarely on sale and the stock is usually a bit more expensive. However, sometimes you might find small shops, in which goods that are not out of date are being sold really cheap.

Another problem is that sometimes you might not live near a supermarket and might not have the time to go to one, so you'd go to a local shop instead.

In conclusion, people usually choose where to shop from depending on their preferences. Since the difference in prices is not big, personally I'd just go to the closest shop.

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