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Informal Letter giving advice to a friend with health problems

CAE Informal Letter sample 

Hi Jim,

I got your e-mail yesterday. I was excited to finally hear from you, although the news is not best.

I am sorry for your health problems. But what is this thing with smoking? Do you have problems with your friends, family or school? If so, do you get some kind of satisfaction from smoking? I have heard that it helps with anger and anxiety, but boy is it worth it! This may cause your asthma. You'd better talk to your parents and a doctor if you haven't yet.

Last night I made a close study on the internet about possible ways to give up smoking. I came across some really interesting solutions, which I will send you later. In many blogs people share their experience and say that you need a strong will and supportive friends. Think about your future. You've got the chance to win a scholarship and study technology. You've been dreaming of this since you were 6. Don't throw away your chances by doing pointless things. I hope you will think over my advice.

I am looking forward to hearing from you again soon,

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