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Women’s place is at home

Women's role in our society – sample IELTS essay 

For ages women have been considered more incapable than men. People always say that women’s place is at home. But I completely disagree with this statement.

It’s not incidental that the Greek God of War is a woman. A woman symbolizes power, independence, smartness and beauty. A person who has all these qualities has a bright future in front of herself. By staying at home and doing the housework, women hamstring their future.

Women and men should be equal. After marriage the family shores money, home, a bed, food. Household chores should also be obligations for both.

Women must have the right to study and have their own career. Independence is one of the most important values in 21st century. Every day women get married to inappropriate men who treat them like “thrash”.

In case like this, women should be able to do something – the ball must be in their court. But by being non-educated and letting men control them this could never happen.

I also believe that a woman should take care of her home and family. Cooking and cleaning are both housewives’s issues. But this doesn’t automatically mean that women should stay at home all day and do nothing with their lives and chances for a career.

In conclusion, women should be able to balance. We are smart, beautiful creatures and we must be independent. We all have the right to pursue a career and, for me, being a housewife is just a “time-filler”.

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