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Sample Negative Review

I just got a new smart phone, which all my friends recommended. As my old one was out of order, I decided to follow the advice and buy ...........(the name of the brand). Unfortunately, I am quite disappointed with it.

First of all, the design is awful. It is too ridged ??? (should be changed) and I can’t even put it in my pocket! This causes much trouble as I am used to more compact things. But this is nothing compared with the other flaws. The worst issue is that the operation system is too complicated and not easy to use. I am not good at technology and operating with such a complex phone is difficult for me. Not to mention the slow speed, which hinders the use. Opening an application takes ages. Installing a new one is almost impossible. This could really annoy the user. What’s more, the battery lasts only a few hours. This automatically means that I have to take my charge everywhere with me. In addition, the quality of the camera didn’t live up to my expectations. It takes pictures with such a poor quality that I’d better not use it.

All in all, I would not recommend this smart phone to anyone. I believe that a person deserves much more than this phone offers.

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