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Profitable ways of spending leisure time 

CAE Writing Essay example with teacher's notes and recommendations

  • helping others
  • learning
  • physical activities
Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the profitable ways in your notes. You should explain which way is more important, giving reasons. 

People should find different ways to spend their leisure time more profitably. There are many options to do it. But what should they bear in mind when choosing their activity?

The first option to consider is learning. It is nice to spend time learing (what?) or just reading a book For example, picking up a new language is always a good idea and it come in hand. Spending your free time reading a book is also a nice activity.

On the other hand, it is not healthy to spend your leisure time sitting, especially if your work is to sit at a computer all day. People should consider this an important issue. (too general)

The second alternative would be physical activities. Of course, encouraging people to do sports is a major priority. For instance, childrent should be keen on doing different physical activities. It is well-known that this is good for their health and daily life. Moreover, it is the best way to spend their free time more profitably. Also, passive activities should be avoided due to the risk of becoming lazy and sick.

In my view, picking up a physical activity is the better option. People should be encouraged to do sports and not only sit all day. Special attention should be paid to children. Their parents should be careful and not let their children become lazy.

Teacher's notes 

  1. The language is too simple
  2. Think of a better conclusion
  3. Run - on sentences. 

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