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A walking tour through the country is the only way to know the country - version 2
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In our century computers, video and television are widespread so people could get a lot of information about various things. Just by staying at home or going to the library one is able even to get to know the country.

In my opinion, the only way to become well acquainted with a country is to make a walking tour through it.

Of course, it is easier to watch TV or to dig into books, but in this way you can receive only facts. You have to gratify with the pictures in the book or the reportage of the journalist. Moreover, I think the most of the cases you would forget the information you have already got.

A walking tour through a country is something not only informative but pleasant and exciting. Its only disadvantage is that you need a lot more time to see whatever you want than travelling by a vehicle or watching TV or reading historical and geographical reports.

On the other hand, walking through the country enables you to get closer to nature and beautiful landscapes. The experience is of a kind you do not have in the other cases. All the things you will see will be kept in your mind for a long time, because you see and feel them on your own. Furthermore, it is really interesting and exciting to visit sites of ancient battles and to hear the story of the guide or to climb the highest hill of a mountain and so on. By walking you would understand better the things, mentioned in the guidebooks and websites.

Another advantage of making a walking tour is that you become to know the lifestyle of the people in different parts of the country and especially their typical customs, meals, dialects and views. To my mind, despite living in one and the same country regions differ in many aspects. You cannot get acquainted with people and understand them if you do not speak with them.

To sum up, I think that to know a country means not only to memorise abstract facts, but something more. You cannot touch its beauty and spirit unless you walk through it on foot and see it with you very eyes.

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