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Generation Gap - version 2

In every society there is a conflict between the older and the young generation. Some of the young people think that they can learn a lot from the old people but there is always a certain percentage of youths that disagree with the old-fashioned and useless ideas and views.

Of course, no one can deny that the old are more skilled because they have gone through various difficulties and problems. This experience has made them mature and capable of giving useful tips when they are asked for one. If you have a problem you can always consult with your mother or father but this doesn’t mean that you have to obey them or accept their advice as the best thing you can do.

It is a well – known fact that the old people are prejudiced. If you ask them for a tip they will surely give you the one which is the best for your health and physical well – being. They don’t usually think about the way you feel or why you want a certain thing. Their main concern is to protect you. In this way most of the old people and the majority of those who are parents deprive their children of the possibility to make their lives more pleasant and worth living. The lives of the old are dominated by the fear that sometimes bad may happen. They continue to live in a world which is ruled by prejudice and fear without stopping and even looking round because of they do that they will understand their life is useless and there is no point in it. 

As a conclusion I can say that we should not deny the old. Their advice may be useful and we have, at least, to hear it. But, please, let us live our lives the way we want because these are our lives.

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