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 FCE Article - Issues of Travelling, version 2

Travelling is a very popular activity nowadays. Most of the people take every chance to go abroad either to relax somewhere, not disturbed by anyone, or to expand their general knowledge. Nevertheless, like anything else, it has its disadvantages, too. 

First, there is the element of risk in every travel. You have to be aware of the unexpected, otherwise it may play a bad joke on you. That’s why I admire the work of drivers, pilots, etc. – the people who are always on the go have to be very careful because of the unpredictable dangers their routes may hide. That requires a quick mind and nerves of steel. However, a risky situation may arise not only on the route to a destination, but in the destination itself, for instance a volcano, as the picture shows. Another problem may be unawareness of cultural specifics – and you may end up lying in prison for offensive behaviour! That’s why you’d better always collect information before your departure. 

I believe you’ll agree with me that another negative factor is being away from the family and the loved ones. That is especially hard for the soft-hearted. Gladly, there are many means of communication – the Internet, mobile phones, etc. that will help you keep in touch. The more effective solution, though, is taking your closest people with you on the travel, but unfortunately this is not always possible! 

As a conclusion, I have to say that, in spite of the uncomfortable side of travelling, we shouldn’t neglect the positive one. Not only can we broaden our horizons, but gain a cosmopolitan outlook on life!

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