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What are the main problems young people face nowadays? Version 3 

Sample essay answer

Young people from every generation have their own problems, aims, desires. They think they can change the world and life as a whole. The future of their nation is in their hands and they are the ones who write its history.

Nowadays, the young people in my home country face many problems. One of them is unemployment. After finishing their higher education, they try to search for a job but it is not that easy. Or, if they manage to find a job, they are often underpaid. This is one of the most serious problems in our country. In most cases this is the reason why many young people emigrate and search for better life in other countries. 

Drug abuse and alcohol are other serious problems nowadays. During the past years the number of drug addicts in our country has become 40,000. This is very frightening and our society must do something for those who destroy their lives. They live in their own, imaginary world which brings them finally to their death. In my view, our society is not ready yet to realise the seriousness of this problem and help those in need. 

Another problem of my generation is that we have all the freedom we want, but do not know what to do with it. We are free to do what we want to say, what we think, but it seems we can’t realise the meaning of word “freedom”. We do not know how to use our freedom to make things better. 

To conclude, I would say that it has always been easier to write and talk about the problems of the young people than to try to solve them. Young people are strong and optimistic but they want society to pay them more attention. Sometimes they need our help, and I think that we all must try to make things better for them.    

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