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Describe the greatest disappointment in your life

(Sample Description)

Human life is full of nice and bad things. Disappointment, happiness, luck, sorrow, sadness or joy – they always take turns. The most important, in my opinion, is for people to accept the things the way they are. However, it is difficult because things just happen and nobody asks you: “Can you survive this?”. We must be strong and brave, we must go ahead with hope and faith. 

Like every human being, I’ve experienced both the beautiful and ugly sides of life. Disappointments are terribly unpleasant and painful because they affect your feelings. How can I say which is my greatest disappointments when it always hurts? It hurts especially when all your hopes, efforts, dreams and opportunities go to hell. It has happened to me not once but I remember this. 

It was two years ago when I was offered to go and study at a University in London after school. It sounded great and I couldn’t miss this chance so I began to study English hard. I even went to London last summer where I attended in English course for foreigners. During my stay in England I had to decide if I really wanted to be a part of this city and this society. I got used to life there and I liked it very much. I also learned not to miss my relatives and country so much when eventually I was told the plans had changed and I couldn’t continue my study at a university there. It was a real shock, like the strongest and the most painful stop in my face. 

That’s life. I had to survive the pain, to forget my beautiful plans. It was very hard. Now I try to be wiser facing problems. I’ve realized that I must face reality no matter how nice or bad it is, I’ve understand I must rely only on myself because my happiness and successful future depends on me and my faith in life.

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