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Review - Open Air Museum "Mini Europe"

The museum I visited and which made an impact on me was ‘Mini Europe’ open-air museum in Brussels. It’s an amazing view for everyone to see.

The whole idea is to show all the best astonishing moments and sights of every country in the EU. It’s just a few kilometres away from Brussels which is convenient for going by car. It is situated in a big park with trees and bushes and there is a small river near it. I have visited it two times so far and I was amazed by the astonishing view of these miniatures. There are over 80 small monuments all over the park and you can take pictures of them. About 2 years ago, when ..... became part of the EU, they put a miniature of .............monastery. We are expecting to put another ............. symbol in the near future. This open-air museum is a view that everyone should see and remember. It’s amazing how you can stand next to the Eiffel tower or the Coliseum. 

The atmosphere is splendid and there are moving parts and written history of the miniatures and even sound effects. And the most interesting aspect is that you can listen to the anthem of the country. There are small rivers and waterfalls all over the place and you can enjoy having your lunch there.

This museum made a great impact on me and it’s worth going there. Everyone I know, who has been there, has the same opinion about it. Personally, I can go there every year and just take my time looking at all these monuments full of history, without travelling too much!

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