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What problems young people face nowadays? version 2

Model Essay

Young people face a lot of problems nowadays. And this is a result of the difficult time in which we all live. Young people are the most vulnerable part of the society, because for the first time, they have to face life on their own. Despite the fact that it may be difficult, they have to struggle for their future. 

The main problem young people face is the difficulty in finding a job. Young people are considered inexperienced and no one is willing to hire them for a position which requires a sense of responsibility. If someone appoints them, the payment is very low and they are used as cheap working class. It is a long and difficult way to the top for the ambitious young people. But if there is a will, there is a way. 

Another problem young people have to deal with is the educational system. There are a lot of universities but not everyone who has a wish to study what he/she wants, has this chance. It is very expensive to study in another town and a lot of people can’t afford it. 

The drug abuse is also an issue which young people have to handle. Desperate with life, they, choose another way of living. A lot of young people get involved in drugs, because they cannot refuse their friends. This causes them a lot of headache. They lose their freedom, families and become dependent. Having once started, it is very difficult for the teenagers to find and follow the right way again.

Young people have a lot of other problems, as well, but they have time to solve them. The whole life is a big struggle and every day there is something new, for which they have to fight. But still, there are a lot of happy moments in life for which it is worth living.


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