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Sample answer for CAE writing task: Competition Entry

A Deceiving Temptation or a Really Unforgettable Experience? 

Would you like to have the opportunity to go wherever you want? Well, I think, I know the answer! Because mine is the same! It’s true that nowadays travelling has broadly become one of the trendiest and most expensive hobbies in the world. Most people prefer spending their holidays in some exotic locations to “wasting” their time at home. And I completely understand them!

But let’s consider the matter from every possible angle! Undoubtedly, there are some very unpleasant disadvantages, which are capable of ruining even the best-organised journey! And although many people are ready to neglect them in favour of their final dream destination, I think that they need to be taken into account.

In the first place, in my opinion, the most annoying thing is waiting at the airport/station. There are so many cancellations of flights and buses all the time that you many have to wait all day. This reminds me of one of my travel experiences when I had to hang around the shops at the airport for over 14 hours, due to bad weather. And believe me, this can unnerve even the most patient person!

Second, homesickness. It kills me every time I’m away from home for more than 10 days. To my mind, it’s not only me.

But no matter what, I would definitely recommend to you not to miss even the slightest chance to travel. There are lots of so overwhelmingly marvellous places which anyone should visit at least once in their life! Is there anyone who doesn’t agree with me?

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