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Will computers take over the world

Nowadays, in the century of advancing communications and technology our life is influenced by the most recent and breathtaking invention – the computer. Its putting into practice is in almost every sphere of life and, in my view, there will come years when it will replace man. They spread out like mushrooms.

In the first place, the machine is very good at its functions. It does tasks faster, finds solutions to problems and saves time. One of the most important advantages of computers is that they never get tired and are efficient all day long.

Moreover, computers are an inevitable part of the modern world but they depend completely on man. They are man’s creatures and receive his commands. The most essential difference between the machine and a human being is intelligence. Computers’ development is in the hands of their creator.

It is a general truth that Internet is a good opportunity to make reliable communication with people from all over the world and dip into the depths of useful information. However, it is also a threat. The artificial, electronic world it presents alienates people from reality.

Computers are really important for big companies and in big factories they run most of the machines and control production. As a result, the unemployment rate is getting higher and higher. I think that gradually computers will replace people in many of their duties.

Furthermore, computers are a passion for a lot of children. Their childhood is burdened by the computer games that deprive them of playing outside.

To sum up, computers can’t really think about what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. But the programmer can unconsciously give them an opportunity to replace human beings and penetrate into human’s life of emotions.

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