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FCE Story - First Sentence - I walked out of the house with only the clothes on my back 

I walked out of the house with only the clothes on my back and only my handkerchief in my pocket. My heart was filled with fury and shame, my face was all in tears. My father’s angry words were still ringing in my ears, “You, little sluggard! Are you going to hang about this house forever? It’s high time you found a respectable job and earned your own living!” We had started quarreling again and I got so excited that I slammed the front door behind me and ran away. I thought of my aunt living in a nearby town – she put me up for a few weeks until I found a job. Unfortunately, I had missed the last bus, so hitch – hiking was my only change. I had not waited for long when a car pulled by. A handsome man with sharp grey eyes and a charming suite asked me if I was going in the same direction. I nodded. “Get right in.” 

In a minute we were engaged in conversation. I mentioned the quarrel with my father, complained about his rudeness and said how difficult it was to choose a job. I just couldn't imagine myself behind the counter of our family shop – it was so boring! To my surprise, my companion agreed: “I have always loved freedom and adventures, conventional jobs really get me down!” We continued chatting until the outskirts of the town appeared in front of us. When we arrived at my aunt’s place I thanked my friend heartily for the lift. “It was a pleasure”, he said. “Good bye and good luck in your future career.” 

A month later I finally reconciled with my father and visited him. I was surprised to hear that on the day of my leaving our shop had been burgled. “Fortunately, there was a witness and the thief was quickly caught. 

And he showed me a newspaper. I had just recognized in the photo my charming friend!

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