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Alcohol Abuse - Motives and Effects

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are the two most commonly met addictions. People hardly even notice that they have become a necessity for them before it’s too late. They start doing it mostly because they have some problems or just because the others do it. The after effects are often underestimated. But they inevitable come and that, of course, is the problem. 

Most people start drinking and think they are strong enough to cut it out whenever they want. The beginning is usually at some party or when facing very cumbersome tasks and have heard that alcohol in such cases. Not before long they will realise that it provides no answer to their problem but it is already late. And the problems may vary – starting with difficulties at school or work and ending with ruining a friendship or unrequited love. 

Unfortunately, the troubles you’ve had don’t vanish after you start the boozing – they just deepen and broaden. The lack of strength you’ve shown first is replaced by a dark hiatus where you helplessly sink day after day: with your unbearable behaviour you lose all your friends and then blame them for leaving you. This makes you even more miserable. Soon you lose your job, then your money; your family knows nothing about you. Drinking, of course, leads to different illness and psychological disorders. 

Alcoholism is one of the dangerous addictions of our modern time. It affects men and women of different ages – from teenagers to people as old as their parents. Regular use of booze is harmful and is a slow but certain death. I often hear people say that two or three cups a day do not harm you. Yes, they just steal years from your life and present you with all kind of ailments. So will you continue to drink that poison? If I were you, I wouldn’t.

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