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Which environment issue is of greatest concern to you?

Sample Essay

Along with all the problems of social character, the problems connected with our environment form the controversial spirit of 20th century. The environmental issue which I consider to be of greatest importance is deforestation. The reasons which have led me to my opinion are several. 

Firstly, from a purely aesthetic point, the cutting of trees and making numerous roads by bulldozers through forest spoil the divine effect of the naturally built scenery. Unfortunately, although some of our mountains are proclaimed national parks, deforestation there still continues. 

One of the most important functions of trees is strengthening the soil layers, so that no or little erosion occurs. But that is not so when there is a clearing. Multiple small spring streams run through the treeless land, carrying away its most fertile soil. 

Deforestation, especially where many animals and plants exist, causes irrevocable problems – extinction of known and unknown species, Clearing cannot provide enough food or shelter for all living creatures of an eco system because what is left is only a remnant of former natural habitat. 

The industrialized world we live in seems to gradually poison the earth’s nature. We cannot stop the progress of technology, nor can we decline the facilities it offers. That’s why I am not optimistic about the future of nature and mankind. 

The only thing, from my personal viewpoint, I although it may sound a bit cruel, which can save our planet and civilization, is a catastrophe that will awaken the consciousness of all people to the urgent environmental problems.

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