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Nominate area for environmental grant. CAE paper - sample proposal


The aim of this proposal is to nominate the area which I am studying in for your programme to receive money for its environment needs. As a result of my wish to be absolutely objective and to make suggestion for improvement, I interviewed more than a hundred people who receive their education in this Scottish territory.

Background information:

Our college was once a pleasant and quiet place, but in the recent years has been terribly damaged by the growing number of tourists. The biggest issue is the awfully – polluted beach. In the previous years, it was an inspiring and romantic place and certainly the most spectacular in the area. However, all of the people interviewed agree that it had turned into a rubbish tip. What is more, the amount of thrash is constantly increasing. According to my fellow students, the other serious problem is the big number of boats in the port, which leads to the pollution of the sea and the extinction of species.


There are a few things that can be done with your financial support

  1. Organizing a big clean-up campaign 
  2. Putting more bins near the beach 
  3. Setting up a system to limit the number of boats 


I assure you that this area deserves your attention. It is not one person’s wish but desire of many to turn it back into the beautiful piece of Heaven it once was.

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