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Story - Mysterious Call, sample answer for FCE exam

It is not always an advantage to have a phone at home. Sometimes it may cause you a lot of trouble. 

One early morning the phone rang. I was very sleepy and couldn’t even see what the time was. It looked like it was still dark outside. I decided not to pick the phone up. But it didn’t stop ringing for about fifteen minutes. So, at last I got up and picked it up. Meanwhile, I looked at the clock and saw that it was five in the morning! A girl began telling me some address of a hospital in the town. She said that a friend of mine had been injured in an accident that morning. I had to go instantly because my friend wanted to see me. The girl said all that so fast that I couldn’t ask anything. I was shocked. Who was that girl? Where did she know my phone number from? Who had told her it was exactly a friend of mine at the hospital? I had a headache. There were so many questions that I couldn’t answer at that moment. That had been absolutely mysterious call and the whole situation made me feel worried and bewildered. What was I supposed to do? Did I have to go to the hospital or stay at home and go to bed again? What if all, that girl had said was true? The address of the hospital was still in my mind. At last, I decided to go. 

When I got there, I explained to the receptionist what the situation was. She told me the names of all the people who had been in the hospital since that morning. But there was no one that I knew. I had no choice. I went back home – exhausted and baffled. Someone had played a very bad trick on me at five o’clock in the morning!

The next afternoon the phone rang again. I wondered if I should pick it up. But it rang persistently. 

It was the same mysterious voice of the girl who had phoned me before. This time she called to apologize for her previous call. She had mistaken the phone number!

Story - Mysterious Call, sample answer for FCE exam

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