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FCE Story  Last Sentence - After all that, I have never been on another holiday 

Sample Answer

One year ago I was on holiday with my parents. We were on an island and in the centre of its centre was placed a big lighthouse to guide the ships.

On the second day of our holiday, in the afternoon, I was relaxing in my room, waiting for dinner time. I was bored, so I decided to go for a walk. I made my way to the forest. 30 or 40 minutes later I reached the lighthouse. That meant I was very far away from the hotel we were staying in. I was very interested in the huge tower. It was getting dark and I thought to myself it would be better to go back rather than get into the lighthouse. But when I turned around, I realised I had lost my way. Then I heard a dog’s barking and decided to go inside as it was safer. 

It was dark and cold in the lighthouse. I heard a strange noise. A gust of wind went through my hair. I shuddered. I heard the noise again, than the dog’s barking. I shouted, “Is there someone?” Nobody answered me. I was very scared, so I sat on the ground in one corner and fell asleep. 

When I woke up in the morning, I was freezing and I found my way to the hotel as fast as I could. My parents were very scared and worried for me. My mom told me, “ We sent the police to look for you!”. We were all very happy that I was saved. 

I was so scared after all that I have never been on another holiday from that day to this! 

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