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Informal letter example - Giving information to a friend about adventure sports centre

Dear Jessica,

Hi! How are you? It was very nice to hear from you recently! I got it from your letter that you are interested in the adventure sports centre I went to. I must tell you it was awesome! I had a really great time, and that’s why if you have time go there and enjoy yourself.

Here I’m going to give you some more information about it. You should know that my stay there was very well organised and there was a fixed schedule for every day – you do different activities. Honestly, I found some of the activities rather scary and risky although there was a qualified teacher with everyone and everything was pretty safe. That’s why, I didn’t try diving and agreed to try rock climbing and canoeing only on second thought. However, most of the activities were very enjoyable and great fun. 

I would absolutely go for the assault course, the camp in the woods or the building of a raft again! To cap it all, the last day was amazing since I enjoyed myself enormously and mad a lot of new friends!

In my opinion, it was a great holiday and I assure you that your stay will be absolutely safe and enjoyable! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Mary, love

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