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Will computers take over the world?

Sample answer for CAE, TOEFL, IELTS.

Computers are the most recent and the most breathtaking invention which scientists have made in the twentieth century. They are almost everywhere this makes some people think that they will dominate the world.

The first and maybe the most important thing which helps to work out this opinion is the fact that nowadays computers more and more often replace people in different areas. Furthermore, they can solve problems and do tasks faster. The main advantage of computers is that they are never tired and can work all day long. This fact and the connection of computers by Internet mislead some people.

It is general truth that computers are really important for big companies and that in large factories they run most of the machines and control production but it is also important for people to realize that computers are created by people and depend entirely on them. What is more, imagination – requiring activities can’t be done by computers because they lack intelligence – the very thing that makes people unique. Although there are lots of things which computers and machines can do there will always be other important kinds of work which they can’t do because of the simple fact that they can’t take decisions and can’t unite without human help. Computers will never achieve higher level of development than humans. People only use them to make their lives easier and more pleasant.

To sum up, computers might be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide faster and more accurately than people can, but they can’t really think about what they’re doing or why they are doing it. Human beings will always have to make the most difficult decisions. Computers can’t take over the world until programmers have given them instructions.

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