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Do young people today make good use of their leisure time? Or do they spend too much time watching television and playing video games instead of taking part in more productive activities? 

IELTS Sample essay (IELTS Writing Task 2)

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge and experience.

Anytime is TV time. When youngsters return from school they rush to the computer or TV screen. They are fascinated by the change to transform themselves into the bravest hero or saviour of the world. Aren’t they supposed to learn new skills and obtain more sophisticated knowledge? 

The modern generation is fond of action and intensity and that’s something video games are associated with – stiff and monotonous tasks are set aside. One of the benefits of acting as a fictional superhero is that you may apply your creativity and quick decision making. No matter whether you have to find the correct combination or defend your team – the issue is urgent and any delays may lead to a fatal result. However, this cannot be achieved through passive staring at the “devil box”. Despite the fact that one can only observe and no interaction takes place, watching TV may sometimes be rewarding. An ongoing episode about ancient battles in Rome, exploration of wildlife in the tropical region or the latest technological gadgets can immensely widen the youngsters’ horizons.

On the other hand, if the teenagers are left to knock themselves out, this can result to a disaster. They will grow up depraved of normal communication and unwilling to face the real world. There are some cases when at this fragile age young people become nervous wrecks. This may be overcome by a sport activity and occasional visits to the countryside. 

To sum up, the majority of the people are convinced that watching TV and playing video games is a waste of time. They would rather force the new generation to learn French or memorise algebra theorems. Nevertheless, encouraging a youngster to assess what is excessive and what within norms is crucial. Otherwise, everybody deserves the right for entertainment and relaxation.

Note!!! “More productive activities” should be mentioned. Make sure you deal with all parts of the task.

Model essay for IELTS Academic exam, Writing Task 2


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