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Your school has recently received a small grant. You have been asked to write a report on the school's facilities and equipment and to suggest the best way in which to spend the money. 

Report on the school's facilities and equipment


The aim of this report is to consider the school's facilities and equipment and to recommend the best way in which to spend the money. In order to prepare the report I interviewed students and teachers.


Our school has a wide range of facilities, such as a wonderful sports centre, a library, equipped with materials on different topics and subjects, a science lab and three computer labs.


The best way to spend the grant is on new classroom equipment.

  • It is hard for students to study when there aren't enough chairs in the classrooms. It seems a good idea to provide some more chairs.
  • According to the teachers the blackboards are old and the chalk affects badly the children's health. They find it absolutely compulsory for new whiteboards to be bought. 
  • Both teachers and students claim there aren't good bookshelves to organize the classroom supplies, so more shelves have to be bought. 


Our school doesn't have many needs. If we buy new equipment, the students will feel better and want to work harder. Everyone will benefit from it now and in the future, as well. Therefore, I think this is the best way to spend the grant. 

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