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We do not need books anymore as we can get all the information that we need on computers.

Nowadays, in this busy world, everybody is hurrying, business meetings are held every hour and people have less time to read books that they need to. In my opinion, we shouldn't throw away our books. Just because we have a huge storage of information on our computers, and in this essay I shall try to point out some examples in support of my view.

First of all, a computer nowadays is something we cannot do without. More and more is technology entering our daily life. New information highways are being created, such as Internet, where millions of pages of information are stored. We can access this information by just clicking some buttons. It’s there, can be easily found and is user friendly. That is why books are slowly but firmly being displaced by computers.   

But books are not gone yet! Not at all. In some parts of the world there are countries there are countries in which computers do not have such great influence on people’s lives. In those countries people like to read, to get information and learn new things from books and not by watching television or surfing in the internet.

Moreover, in places where computers do have a big influence, there are also some societies that try to keep the tradition and cultural effect of book reading alive. These places can be called reading clubs, cultural societies, libraries or say other places, where you can sit and read for fun or for knowledge. In such places books will continue to exist for a very long time.

In conclusion, I would like to say that no matter how great technology has become in our world, there will always be a place for books in our minds and hearts. And I totally agree with what the wise people have said “A book is a window to the world”, which means the more books you read the bigger your knowledge of the world will be.   

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