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  Example of Description on the topic "Interesting Experience"                                 

I got him for my twelfth birthday. He was one of my cutest cats I've ever had.
One day my family decided to go to visit my grandparents. We had to spend the night there, but unfortunately, we could not take our cat with us, for he was scared of cars. So we left him some food in the kitchen, leaving the balcony door open.
When we came back from our trip, the first thing I did was to call my cat. To my greatest surprise, he didn't appear. We looked for him everywhere but, unfortunately, we could not find him. I got worried and upset. We had come come about three hours before and my little cat, who was very energetic and loved playing with me, was not there.
I was just about to start crying when the door bell rang. It was our neighbour who lived one floor below us (we live in high apartment building). He was holding something in his hands, but I could not see what it was, for it was very dark. When my father invited him in, I saw he was holding my cat. Then, over a nice cup of coffee, he explained to us everything.
As we had left, my cat got bored being in the apartment and all by himself. He went out on the balcony and started sticking his head out of the balcony. He noticed our neighbour had beautiful roses, growing from his to our balcony. So my cat climbed down the roses into our neighbour's balcony. But he also had a cat, who was older and bigger.
My kitty got scared and started mewing. That's how our neighbour found him. He took him inside, fed and watered him, and waited for us to come back. When he made sure we were home, he came to bring us our cat.
I was so happy we finally got him. He also seamed happy to see me, for the moment I took him in my hand, he started purring.

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