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Describe your ideal school. Example 

"Imagination is more important than knowledge",

A. Einstein said and I agree with him. In my view, the ideal school is the one which not only provides information but also tries to prepare the students for the real world, and to make them creative and ingenious. The years the students spend at school are important for the formation of their character, so the school should take the responsibility to teach them some moral principles and social behaviour.

I imagine my ideal school large and sunny. It has a lot of classrooms, a huge library, a room with computers connected with Internet, a refectory which resembles the ..........  restaurants. It also has plenty of sports facilities: a swimming pool, volleyball playgrounds, basketball pitches and tennis courts. The building is actually so attractive that the students don't want to leave it when the school day is over.

Although the classes are compulsory, the curriculum is composed together with the students, according to their interests. The students who love art have more art lessons and those who love science - more science lessons. They themselves gather information under the guidance of their teachers and in class the teachers only give some curious or specific details, explain or organize discussions on the topic. They always try to give examples or think of a situation or a problem from the real life, related to the lesson. So the students learn how to process information, to solve problems and to apply their knowledge. There are also ethics classes which help the students adopt appropriate behaviour.

In this school not only students must respect their teachers but also the teachers must respect their students. And if a teacher humiliates a student he is immediately fired.

There are also extra-curricular classes and school clubs for art, theatre, dance and music. They develop the student's creativity.

The students in this school know each other very well and are very close friends. They often go together on excursions organized by a special school office. They also organize picnics and parties to which they invite their teachers.

I think a school like that will educate people ready to seize the best of life's opportunities.  


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